Balconette Railing development

On July 10th I delivered 30ft of railing to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s new project ‘Lost Hollow’, opening later this year.  So, before the total installed glory of the piece, here’s a bit about the the process of making and the design.

The design was a collaborative effort with W.Gary Smith the overall designer of the Lost Hollow garden. The 30ft I provided are a 5-panel feature railing in the longer plain balcony railing that has come to be known as the Balconette.  There are eight medieval tapestry flower elements, a central crown and the key and escutcheon plate that feature in the logo. These are surrounded by 63 different leaves of 5 different varieties and a myriad of scroll elements.

The newel posts were installed first to enable me to construct the empty railing frames:

DSCN1582 (Large)

I then set about making components for the railing, my earlier post, Leaves, leaves everywhere was about the many leaves I made, once I had those done I moved on to the scrolls and other elements

IMG_20140622_181121_860 (Large)

IMG_20140624_222322_476 (Large)






The railing panels were assembled over the printed out drawing.  Some elements were put together as sub-assemblies to help with fitting and clean up. The panels were held together in a cradle formed of heavy angle iron and stabilizing bars to prevent, as much as possible, any warping from happening while the pieces were being welded in to the frames.



IMG_20140710_134316_736 (Large)

The intrepid install team, Randy & Paul get to work bolting in the panels and welding on the top cap.





IMG_20140711_163934_526 (Large)Hooray I got this railing finished and delivered on time! The best part of finishing a project – a packed up tidy truck ready to head out knowing that a fine piece of ironwork has been delivered to its new home.