Custom Donor Recognition

Letting donors know that they are appreciated and how significant their contribution to a project is, is a vital part of any donor funded endeavor.  I had the pleasure of being part of that process at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, NC.  I collaborated with the management team and landscape architect to produce some beautiful pieces of art that honor the donors.


Each location in the new section of the garden has it’s own custom recognition sign.  The signs also reflect the overall design direction of the new garden section.  The features that the donors were contributing to are part of the Lost Hollow Children’s Garden and have a medieval, fairy story look with plenty of natural stone, funky forged iron (which I also made) and traditional building methods.

We chose copper for these donor recognitions as the surface patinas continue to evolve beautifully in the outdoor environment while needing minimal maintenance and copper is well suited to the individual customizing metalwork techniques that I can bring to it.

The signs can be mounted to almost any solid surface and can even be contoured to fit the specific location. I used heavy weight copper so that the signs would be sturdy and hold up for years ahead, come rain or shine.