Leaves leaves everywhere

The Balconette Railing – my 30ft uber ornamented section of the balcony railing at Lost Hollow – has a large number of quite detailed leaves in the design so I have been working on these most recently.


As you can see from the marked-up design pic there are lots of different elements to the design and there are five leaf variations so I highlighted each variation with a different colour and then numbered them all.  I printed out all the blue leaves at full scale and worked on those, then moved on to the orange and green leaves etc.


Within the design no two leaves are exactly alike so they are fun to make.   I try and keep my parts organised by using the same colour line around the printouts of the leaves that I used on the marked up design.  First I make measurements from the drawings, forge the component parts, then weld them together and finally clean up the welds – I use the angle grinder to remove what excess weld I can and then get the files out.  At this stage the pieces are treated like jewelry – careful work finishing with the needle files is the only way to go.