Mysql mud puddle

I have been juggling the techy behind the scenes hats that small business owners wear these days.  Somehow both my husband’s ( and my blogs got tied in knots by the recent WordPress updates.  By which you understand that is me sitting at the computer in disbelief as a previously working blog disappears in a sea of error-500-server-error-cannot-find-installation-files announcement on the computer screen.

It is frankly a hard choice as to whether to get on with the summer time aspects of my life, now that school is out, or dare I say it make some ironwork, or fix the websites.  OK I did Elmer’s first because he sells his axes and hammers directly on it but I finally got round to mine today, so here we are.  The main culprit was an update that tried to replace my database of posts with another blank one that had a different prefix.  So once I found that my posts had not actually been deleted from the database, I then spent several hours trying to work out why the config file would not pick them up again.  Once again my other life of office work saved our backsides and I have been playing in the Mysql mud puddle.  Now I need to give the new dog some attention, weed the beets and rescue the peas from their crazy tangle, oh yes and get to the workshop too 🙂