On site: Balconette railing

The section of balcony railing that I will be contributing to the Lost Hollow children’s garden has been pre-fitted on site in the last week. I replaced the temporary railing

Balcony newel posts

newel posts with the permanent ones that I brought to the site with the custom forged railing frame brackets attached. The posts were carefully placed into the core drilled holes to level off to the final railing height at the top.

The main challenge at this stage of the fit-up was to get the curves of the cap rail and the railing frame to fit the curve of the wall. The bars were curved to a near fit in the workshop and then refined on site. Balcony railing framesThe seemingly brutish tools of a sledge hammer and sections of rail road track can be used to get the most subtle of adjustments when used to strike blows of varying weight in precisely the right places on the curve.

Using a bolted-in frame design for this railing enabled me to fit the frames to the newel posts in the field and so they could be then taken back to the blacksmith shop for the main sections to be added.