On site: Moon Keep brackets

This week was the time to mount the brackets and cap rail for the Moon Keep railing panels, ahead of the rock work being added to the concrete block columns.

I had planned the siting of these elements around welding railing bracketsnot being able to do more than run electricity to the site to fix anchors in to the concrete block but as the installation crew came with a welder on the truck, we changed plans a little.

Three railing frames

A piece of 1/4 x 2in flat bar was anchored to the face of the columns and then my brackets were welded to that.  This made for a smoother installation process and saved some fiddly shimming to align each of the four separate brackets to the varying positions of concrete block in the column faces.


The rectangular frames are not permaMoon Keep railing framesnently in place, I will dismount them later in June to take back to my blacksmith shop to add the central decorative features but by that time, hopefully the stonemasons will have rocked around them and will be able to see the actual gaps rather than run plumb lines.