Light Fixtures & Candleholders

Original light fixtures and candleholders, that I have designed and hand forged with some of the design renderings and drawings to show how the depicted piece is finished.

Four sconces to illuminate the passageway behind the gates that I also created. 


The theme for the lights takes the weaving from the gates and then I added hand forged organic elements that are much looser and more expressive


The photoshopped rendering of the drawing shows the design in place so the client is easily able to picture the finished effect.

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Lynda Metcalfe, blacksmith, jeweller

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These ceiling mount lights were created to be mounted on the beams with custom brackets and a specially sourced bulb to fit the shape.

A hanging light fixture inside the front door of this residence provides specific illumination at the bottom of the stairs. The picture below showed the design in place

Electric lamp with double helix design and touch sensitive light fitting

Helix Lamp with no exterior switch, touch the spirals to switch on the lamp.

Hanging stoop lantern, witha similar motif to the door grille




Scrolled and flared candleholders for pillar candlesFlare Candleholders,Lynd a Metcalfe has extravagantly flared and rolled the steel of these candleholders to created sinuous curves. The candle cup is slightly dished for a  pillar or ball candle. Height approx 14", width of base 9", width candle platform 3"


Hand forged candleholders with hand raised copper bowlsThese Copper Bowl Candleholders by Lynda Metcalfe have hand-formed copper bowls, designed to accommodate either a ball or pillar candle. The base is forged and riveted to the bowl. Height 16", width of base 9", width of bowl 4.5"




Hand forged iron candleholders with wrap ornamentLynda's Wrap Candleholders are flat on top for a pillar or ball candle, the two halves of the base are joined with a decorative wrap of thin steel. Height approx 16", width of base 9", width candle platform 3"


Hand forged iron candleholders with rivet ornamentRivet Candleholders: Large rivets join the base of the candleholder by Lynda Metcalfe and the candle platform is flat to accommodate a pillar or ball candle. Height approx 16", width of base 9", width candle platform 3"




Gotthic wall Sconce by Lynda, taken from a 14th Century iron bound oak coffer.  Holds a 2 pillar candle. Height 14 width13.


Votive candle or tea light chandelier in gothic arches designThis chandelier measures 18" in diameter and hangs 33" from the ceiling, it holds 6 votive candles and has gothic style decorative panels. The style was designed to complement a hand rail on top of a wall with gothic arch brackets that was installed for the same client.







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